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Dalian Business Support Center /Japan Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

General Information and Consulting Services for those who plan to establish office, company, shop, restaurant, bar, etc. Our professional support will meet all of your requirements.

Looking for JV partner to launch "fast food" chain business in China. We support local issues as well as take part of investment together with new comers who are interested in participate into growing fast-food chain business in this emerging market of China.

We hope to find good partners who have already experiences in developing this kind of fast-food business in some countries with positive results, and want to come to join as our strategic partner to enter into the Chinese.

Medical project

We are currently introducing a latest ADSC (Adipose-derived Stem Cell) therapy developed by a Japanese medical research firm. Together with this firm, another Japanese medical group and our company have started the promotion here in Dalian of this newest ADSC therapy. Its advanced cultivation technology and a truly potential serum-free medium developed by our group. By providing this latest and advanced ADSC therapy, we offer positive opportunities for those who are suffering deseases difficult to be cured by conventional therapies such as Diabetes, Renal insufficiency, Cerebrovascular, Cranial nerve deseases, Parkinson desease, etc.

NPO Global Environment Project

Established in 2003 in Hokkaido.
The main purposes are:

1. Research and development of solution of pollution (soil, water, atmosphere, etc.)
2. Research and development of solution of garbage treatment
3. Research and development of solution of water treatment

Documents (Information) relevant to:

1. Agriculture: Click here to download the file (ppt, powerpoint)
2. Dairy farming: Click here to download the file (ppt, powerpoint)
3. Garbage processing system (to convert into fertilizer): Click here to download the file (ppt, powerpoint)

The technologies developed in 40 years study and research in this sector enables to resolve many existing problems of pollution of soils and waters. All the products developed derived from our technologies are besed on 100% natural substances without any quemical materials. Our products are neither bacterias nor nutritive materials, but completely from natural plants, which activate bacterias.

Our technologies and derived products are significantly effective for agriculture, daily farming, garbage treatment, water treatment, etc.

Investment for real estate in Japan (Central Tokyo: Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Odaiba, etc.)

The low exchange rate of the Japanese Yen and 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo boost the atraction of Japanese real estate for your investment.

We provide our full support to find suitable real estate for you. Our support covers from research until legal procedures of the contract, and even administration services for your real estate in Japan.

Natural resouces service (Commodities intermediary service)

We are offering sales/purchase intermediary services for natural resources such as:
/ Iron ore, Copper ore, Mazut M100-75, D2, JP54, Scrap HMS, Used Rails, etc.

We also provide mines' information for investment: Iron sand mine in Mexico, Copper mine in Mexico, Colombia, Gold mine in Brazil, Colombia, etc.

Iron sand/Iron ore/iron slag offers (origin : Mexico) * with exclusive sales agreement

Businesses in East Timor (Timor Leste)

1. Sales of fishery rights in EEZ of East Timor (Tuna, skipjack, etc.)
2. Sales of exploration and commercialization of oil and natural gas on the land.
3. Construction works (Navy port, barracks, houses, etc.)

Copper ore project - Triangulo mine in Mexico

We are going to start copper ore sales business from Mexico. The mine is Triangulo, near Manzanillo. We represent the official mandate of the Triangulo Mine. We are now the official representative in China of Max Power Mexico S.A. de C.V. Please feel free to contact with us about copper ores of Triangulo mine.

River sand for reclamation/construction (Philippen origin)

A prestigious Philippines river sand supplier provides Reclamation/Construction sand.
The Zambales area origin sand is widely used for reclamation and construction purposes in both naional and international market. We export significant amount of reclamation sand to Singapore under a long-term basis. The quality and quantity of our supply capacity can meet your requirements.

Pumice stones for construction (Philippines origin)

We supply pumice stones for construction purpose. Supply capacity is 10 containers/week or more, sizes can be adjusted upon request (1cm - 10cm).

Room Information Service (for Rental/Sales)

We started to offer Rental Room Information Service. We help you to look for your room in Dalian.
Room information for sales is also available. Offices are also available. Just ask us for any kind of information about rooms.

Colombian Fine Cacao beans and products (Cacao beans, Cacao Mass, Cacao Powder)

Tumaco region origin cacao beans is unique in rich fruity taste and aroma. Now we provide wide line-up of Tumaco cacao products for high-end chocolate markets of the world.

Shenyao Optoelectronics (Dalian) Co., Ltd

Shenyao Optoelectronics (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. is a prestigeous manufacturer of LED lighting products, with manufacturing factories located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou at Southern China. We are exporting our products to many countries such as Japan, Korea, Southeaster Aian countries, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Liaoning Huanxing Economic & Trade Educational Development Co., Ltd.

We are an authorized agent providing self-paid studying abroad service by State Public Security Ministry, Educational Ministry, and General Bureau of Industrial & Commercial Administration.

Dalian Haiyantang Biology Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Haiyantang Biology Co.,Ltd produces foods processed products by using the latest Freeze-Dry Technology. Our present main product is Stichopus (sea cucumber) capsules as "super healty suppliment". We are expanding our freeze dry product line for other sea foods (abalone, scallop, oyster, sea urchin, clam, eel, shark fin, etc), fresh vegetables and fruits to supply for world-wide food industry.

Changbaishan Ginseng House

Jiling Province, Changbaishan is most prestigious district for its precious Ginseng.
We introduce those world-wide famous Highest quality Ginseng, Toad's grease and other products from Changbaishan.

Dragon King House

We introduce only genuine and performance-verified sex drugs for men and wemen.

Dalian Zhongcun Fashion Co., Ltd.

We are specialized manufacturer of towels and wiping cloths. Our integral factory produces high quality towels, dishing cloths and wiping cloths at reasonable prices.

Senyuan Domestic Articles (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

Among many chopsticks manufacturers operating in China, especially in Dalian, we are the top manufacturer for paper and opp packed chopsticks and toothsticks in terms of the quality.  
Quality First ! This is our policy. We are proud of offering highest-quality chopsticks.

Dalian Turuss Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

We are one of the biggest manufactrurers of flooring boards in China. Varieties of Oak wood made flooring boards produced in our brand-new factory can meet your demmanded requests.

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