Liaoning Huanxing Economic & Trade Educational Development Co., Ltd

(SAS Economic & Trade Studying Abroad In Short) is an authorized agent providing self-paid studying abroad service by State Public Security Ministry, Educational Ministry, and General Bureau of Industrial & Commercial Administration. The Approval Letter No. is JWZZRZ [2000]90, we are among the 1st group of legal offices achieving the state-class Authorized Approval upon the Service of Self-paid Studying Abroad.

Since 1998, SAS Economic & Trade Study Abroad has gained extensive acknowledgement of the society. It has been appraised as “AAA Class Credit Enterprise”, “Loyal and Credit Information Service Agency”, “Agency for the Satisfaction of the Consumers”, “Studying Abroad Agency Trusted by Liaoshen Readers”, “Unit Promising High-Quality Service and Sincerity”.

For the 9 years, SAS Economic & Trade Study Abroad has established cooperative relationships with large amounts of overseas education providers, who have left their footprints along the way of our development. It is a fact that we might not get so many achievements without their support and help, on behalf of all our SAS staff, our Managing Director, Mr Xing Bin, hereby extends the most sincere thanks to them!

In order to get SAS Aircraft Carrier to break through the waves by wind, and go ahead bravely, we attract cooperators throughout the world:

Partners’ Range:

Overseas universities, high schools, and other education providers (such as foundation, IB course).
Overseas large scale education organs, education groups, and other relative organizational organs of education.
Universities, high schools, vocational schools, and technological schools, and other organizations who demand for the international communications with overseas education providers in China.
Organizations, organs and individuals who are willing to engage in Studying Abroad Industry.
Cooperation Way:

Cooperating with overseas education providers, recommend the high quality education resources of whom to the Chinese students.
Introducing the best education resources from abroad to carry out cooperative education.
Providing the cooperative education programmes of the China’s universities with visa service with the lowest cost and the best quality.
Carrying out cooperation in the aspects of organizing the summer and winter camps, and teacher investigation groups, assisting China’s education providers to establish sister relationship with overseas partners.
Cooperating with organizations, organs, and individuals to exploit the blank market in China.
SAS is looking forward to the sincere cooperation with you!

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* DALIAN BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER is SAS's strategic partner.

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