Dalian Business Support Center now starts to provide with general information and consulting services.

Our objective is to become "One-stop convenient service shop" No. 1 in Dalian for all kind of information
and consulting services such as business, sightseeing, daily life and so on.
If you cannot find services you need below, please contact us and we will find solution.

For following cases, we provide special supports: for more detail, please click here>>

1. To set up a shop: restaurant, bar, KTV club, music pub, etc.
2. To set up a rep office
3. To export sea food products from Dalian to your country/import products from your country to Dalian.




Interpretation, translation Business intrepreter, translator, Sightseeing guide
Temporary staffs Interpreter, Chinese language lessons, driver, cooker, repair staff
Pick-up service To/from the airport and other places
Hotel booking Hotel booking service in Dalian. 5-star hotels booking is our speciality.
Driver Drive your car instead of you in case necessary
Room, office, property Search your desired property
Formal procedures Help for complex formal procedures of public offices
Market research Market research of different sectors
Partner research Introduce manufacturers, traders, seller, etc.
Product research Research of your desired products, marchandises
Properties Help for introduction, negotiation, contract of your desired properties such as offices, shops, factories, etc. Complex formal procedures are also our specialities.
Shop opening procedures Complex formal procedures to obtain licenses/authorization to open shop/office is our speciality
Staffs recruitment Staff recuitment for your business upon your request
Car Provide with car upon your request with/without driver
Hotel booking Hotel booking upon your request
Golf club booking Golf club booking. Pick-up service is also available
Restaurant booking Restaurant booking. Pick-up service is also available
Club, bar Club, bar booking and guide service upon your request
Sauna, massage Sauna, massage house guide service upon your request
Shopping Help for your shopping
Sightseeing guide Introduce sightseeing guide
Properties Help for search your desired property
Formal procedures Help for complex formal procedures of public offices
Visa application Help for visa application
Shopping Help for your desired shopping
Repair Help for repair of electricity, water, gas, phone, etc.
School pick-up Pick up service to/from school
Trouble in formal procedure Help to resolve troubles on formal procedures
Hospital Introduce hospitals with/without interpreter
Lawer Introduce lawyer with/without interpreter
Visa application Help for visa application
Licence/authorization Help to resolve troubles to obtain licenses/authorization

* Any other service and/or information not mentioned here can be consulted. Please just contact us.


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