1. To set up restaurant, bar, KTV, etc.

From small shop: Approximately 40m2 (small scale food shop, fast-food, noodle house, etc.)
To large shop: Over 1000m2 (large scale restaurant, KTV bar, music bar, live house, etc.)

According to your plan and badget, we fully support you from planning to opening the shop.

Search suitable property, negociation, contract, licences and permission (this is our strongest speciality),
construction work, exterior and interior materials, staff recruitment including management
support after opening the shop.

We provide reliable management assistance service after opening the shop for both
in case you stay here in Dalian and in case you do not stay in Dalian placing your shop
in somebody's charge. It is found that in some of the second cases actual management
went far from the owners satisfaction. We, from the third party's vew point, provide
you with your desired management assistance services.

2. To set up rep office.

If you want to set up a rep office based in Dalian, we support to find suitable property,
negociation, contract until opening the office to start your work. We support to
collect necessary information such as: search your partners, market research,
marchandise researth, complicated and troublesome procedures in public offices.

In case you wish to forward to the next step, for example:

a. Marchandise trading
b. Set up company
c. Set up factory

We continue to support your business in accordance with your requirements.

3. To export Dalian's product such as: Fresh sea food, processed sea food, textile products, etc.
To import your country's product to China through Dalian.

Dalian is well known as a logistic base camp of sea food, exporting enormous quantity
of sea food to many countries.
Fresh sea food, freezed sea food, processed sea food are main products
we can support you to export. We have eight (8) years experience in exporting
these products.

Globefish, Abalone, Scallop, Oyster and many other sea food are available.

Processed sea foods are another speciality we are confident in quality and quantity.
We support you to create recipes, search suitable processing factory, export
to your country by using both normal and freezer container.
We have many years experiences in this field as well.

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