@@China, Changbaishan Area is also well-known as Toad's grease district.@@

In latest days, it has been recognized that Toad's grease has excellent effect for beautify skin.

Changbaishan's toad's grease is the highest quality product in the country.
It helps you to gain babylike skin with its righ-collagen effect.

Toad's grease also offers significantly high effect for improving immunity as well as good for throat,
bronchi, consequently for asthma.

Please try our highest quality of Toad's grease and get beautiful and healthy life.


This is the highest quality product. Please eat as it is without cooking.
Put one piece (about 1-2g) into honey-water for one night,
then take it as a whole.
By taking everyday, you can get beautiful skin by its collagen effect.

It is also well-known that this product has excellent effect
for throat and bronchi, consequently for asthma.

Improvement of immunity is another effect this product provides with.

(Number: g - 1) PriceF 90 USD/100g
(Numero: g - 1) Precio: 80 Euro/100g

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