Founded on 1999, Dalian Haiyantang Biology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise integrated of scientific reseach, production and sales. As the flagship brand of freeze-dry sea cucumber in China. Haiyantang has become the leading enterprise in sea cucumber deep processing, and posesses the largest deep processing base of sea cucumber in China.

Haiyantang has been instating on the road of scientific and technological innovation, adopting the world's most advanced technology, surrounding the living marine resources and natural fruit and vegetable resources.

As the first sea cucumber deep processing enterprise passing the green food authentification in China. Haiyantang has also succeed in the five international and domestic authentification of ISO9001:2000, HACCP, GMP, nutrient food and green food. Therefore, our produscts have reached the international food safety standard.

In addition to the company's pillar products Stichopus Nutrient Capsules and fast edible sea cucumber both manufacurerd by means of the latest freeze-dry technoloty, we are now focusing on the new business stage.

Utilizing our latest freeze-dry technology and abundant natural seafood, fruits, vegetables resources sorrounding our manufacturing base, we intensify our production efforts towards variety of freeze-dry products, both natural and processed (cooked) ones.

We wish to challenge together with our partners to develop new menu to add to our products list.

Based in Dalian, China where the economy, industry, society as a whole are still developping at a very high pace, we also continue challenging to develop ourselves in the world-wide market.



"Haiyan" is derived from ancient Chinese poem: "Clear in River and Calm for Sea, Prosperous in Country and Peaceful for People". "Hai" refers to Sea, and "Yan" refers to Calm", so "Haiyan" means "Calm Sea"-> "Peaceful Universe". Also, Haiyan hall was ever named for one of ornamental and sightseeing architectures in the Summer Palace of Beijing.