More than 80% of sex drugs sold in China are considered fake products. Many of them are
manufactured in undergroud places using injurious ingredients which can cause serious damages.

Genuine sex drugs you can buy from now on, you never buy those dangerous fake products
found in street shops.

Our products are all genuine provided directly from manufacturers or authorized
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Our aged staffs have tested during more than three months all those drugs to verify their performance.
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Name: Yilishen

Price: 50 USD (44 Euro)

Name:FRANCE T253

Price: 36 USD (32 Euro)


Price: 26 USD (23 Euro)

Number:C-1 Number:C-2 Number:C-3

Name: Multiple giant

Price: 25 USD (22 Euro)

Name: Kidney white-gold

Price: 20 USD (18 Euro)

Name: Chinese treasure

Price: 13 USD (11 Euro)

Number:C-4 Number:C-5 Number:C-6

Name: Ultra endurance

Price: 18 USD (16 Euro)

Name: Ironman

Price: 13 USD (11 Euro)

Name: Hard king

Price: 21 USD (18 Euro)

Number:C-7 Number:C-8 Number:C-9

Name: Erector

Price: 9 USD (8 Euro)

Name: Quick erector

Price: 11 USD (10 Euro)

Name: Skyscraper

Price: 23 USD (20 Euro)

Number:C-10 Number:C-11 Number:C-12

Name: Fire & Sky getter

Price: 13 USD (11 Euro)

Name: Special power

Price: 13 USD (11 Euro)

Name: Wolf

Price: 21 USD (18 Euro)

Number:C-13 Number:C-14 Number:C-15

Name: Chinese great bro

Price: 26 USD (23 Euro)

Name: Penis growther

Price: 38 USD(34 Euro)



Number:C-16 Number:C-17  







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